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Mother Muckraker is an internal newsletter at the now defunct New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI) in Fremont, CA. The newsletter seeks to debunk the lies and misinformation spread by Toyota and their "company activists"; and more importantly, inform NUMMI union employees about the real reason why Toyota closed their award winning auto plant on April 1, 2010. NUMMI is dead, but Mother Muckraker lives on to serve as a testament to the greedy machinations of Toyota management. Stay tuned for updates.



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Monday, February 15, 2010

UAW Informational Meeting (1/30/10) Report

From: MM002 2/3/10

Tricks and Traps
The $164 million available that the company intends to spend on our retention package is misleading. It assumes everyone qualifies for the maximum available money. The $60,000 illustration that the company gave during the meeting is also misleading. When the union gave their example and worked out the formula, the number came out to around $58,000 for a person that worked there for 24 years assuming all the requirements were fulfilled. But if a person who has worked here for 24 years missed enough days recently, through no fault of their own, they might get as little as $15,000 for their years of service. $15k/24 yrs is only $625/year. After taxes, that amounts to squat. It seems that this proposal by the company is nothing more than a bunch of tricks and traps designed to payout as little money as possible. Executives get golden parachutes while we are fitted with cement boots and told to walk the plank.

What Do You Deserve?
Keep in mind that at other Toyota plants, their workers get $70k+ for leaving. Don't you think we should get that at the minimum? If our "retention/severance" package is based on performance, don't you think we should be getting more than $70k? Didn't we get a plantwide TEMA audit of .05 with trucks getting ZERO? Isn't that the best ever? Isn't that defect level the lowest of ALL Toyota plants? Wasn't Corollas the #1 best selling car during the “Cash For Clunkers” deal? Isn't the Corolla the best selling car of all time? How should employees at Toyota's MODEL PLANT be compensated?

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