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Mother Muckraker is an internal newsletter at the now defunct New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI) in Fremont, CA. The newsletter seeks to debunk the lies and misinformation spread by Toyota and their "company activists"; and more importantly, inform NUMMI union employees about the real reason why Toyota closed their award winning auto plant on April 1, 2010. NUMMI is dead, but Mother Muckraker lives on to serve as a testament to the greedy machinations of Toyota management. Stay tuned for updates.



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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ABM and Premier Workers Demand Severance Pay !

·Publicly Held Corporation
·2009 Revenues:$3.5 Billion
·Cash on 1/31/10:$21,177,000
·Employees in NUMMI:~60 full-time, ~25 part-time

After ABM workers gave their severance proposal to ABM management, management told them they won’t pay them any severance because “they’ve been paid well over the years and they should’ve saved their money”.What kind of reasoning is that? That is downright disrespectful!

ABM is over 100 years old. As of 1/13/10, ABM has a little over $21 million in cash. ABM workers are only asking for 1 weeks worth of severance for every year they have worked making ABM successful. A small percentage (much less than what they pay in taxes) of their cash can pay the severance for the laid-off ABM employees at NUMMI.ABM still has 10s of thousands of employees throughout the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico who will make ABMa good profit in the coming years.Paying a few dozen laid-off workers a one-time severance check is nothing when you have $21 million in cash.They deserve it for making ABM successful. ABM workers have always done a great job cleaning up stuff that no one wants to do. They clean up chemical spills to keep us safe.They sweep up.They empty out the garbage.Our $100,000 bathrooms are clean and look great even after some of us defecate all over the toilet.They do a great job which contributes to ABM’s huge success. ABM workers deserve a decent severance check.

Premier Manufacturing Support Services FACTS
* Privately Held Corporation
* 2005: Voith, a German company, acquired Premier
* NUMMI was their 1st big account
* Over 3500 employees worldwide
* Employees at NUMMI: 43 full-time, 12 temp.

How did Premier get started?
One of the firm's early clients was the joint venture between General Motors and Toyota in California known as NUMMI. Premier got the job to clean the NUMMI paint shop and built upon that niche to provide support services for other automotive companies.

"We were really fortunate to pick a customer like NUMMI,'' he said. "We got entree to both GM and Toyota, we got a window from a good teacher, and we got the credibility of a strong customer reference."

Having NUMMI as Premier’s 1st major account allowed Premier to piggyback off NUMMI’s reputation. Having NUMMI as a customer gave Premier a strong reference when Premier
pitched their services to prospective clients.If it wasn’t for their NUMMI account, they might not have been as successful today.NUMMI opened the doors for Premier.Premier's success is built upon these workers at NUMMI; and for that, Local 76’s workers should be rewarded.

Premier workers work in Truck Paint, Plastics and South Paint Shop.They not only clean the paint booths, but offer support services that help us run. They have done their job to make Premier and NUMMI successful. Now, Premier should do their job and reward them with 1 week of severance pay for every year they’ve worked.Like the ABM workers, they are not asking for a huge amount of money. They just want severance pay to help soften the devastating effects of this layoff during the worst employment outlook since the Great Depression. The rest of Premier and the parent company, Voith, is still doing very well. They can afford it.

One of the guys you see in the pics helped demonstrate in front of Toyota dealerships with Local 2244 to put pressure on Toyota.That helped raise our meager retention check a little higher. They helped us, now we have to help them out.Stand there with them if you have the time (approx. 3:00p-4:30p). Honk your horn loudly when you drive by. If you see Victor Quesada, their International Rep (and ours too), you need to ask him what’s up with Local 76’s severance pay to put pressure on him to take action(VICTOR!! HELLO!!?? YOU LISTENING!!!!???? WAZZUP WIT LOCAL 76’s SEVERANCE PAY!!?? WHERE ARE YOU?? YOU NEEDS TO STEP UP!!!) Some people from UAW Local 76 are wondering why won’t Victor speak up. Where’s the urgency? Why so silent? You can't just use up people for your own success and then throw them away with no financial recognition for their contributions to your success. That’s to Premier, ABM, as well as certain union reps that need to do their job. Don’t be selfish like these corporations. We got ours. ABM and Premier workers needs theirs too.

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