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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Union Dues - Good Investment

From: MM4

There are still a few people who gripe about paying union dues. Union dues pay for many things that allow you to have an income that's very close to the median income here in the Bay Area. The money is used for office staff, rent, utilities, plane fare and whatever else that the dealmakers need to negotiate the best deal for us. The money also pays for lobbying efforts in our nation's capitol to push for labor friendly laws that put more money into our hands. We get more in return than what we pay. So what's our return on investment with our ~$62/month?

In Japan, Toyota employees have a "company union" with people appointed by the company. They don't have to pay dues. That's not even a real union. Full-time permanent employees make $20.49/hr. (as of 4/24/08) Their temps make $12.13/hr.

We make $28/hr permanent and $20/hr as a temp. Assuming a 40 hr. workweek, we make ~$4480/mo. pre-tax (@160hrs/month) with a bargaining agreement. In Japan, they make ~$3278 with no bargaining agreement. The difference is $1202 per month for permanent employees.

Pay: $62
Get: $1202

You got a problem with that?

Now, I'm hearing rumors that the union may be taking a small percentage (1-2%) of our "retention package". So? That's a good thing. They are working in a concerted effort to negotiate a good deal for us and they need to pay for operating costs as well as their negotiating skills. If there was no one to negotiate a deal for us, what do you think the stingy company will pay? Same as our wages, they will pay a lot less than whatever puny percentage we will pay the union. If we didn't have anyone negotiating our deal, the company will just pay us 50% less than they could, maybe less. And to further put this in its proper perspective, that small percentage to the union is much less than what the government will be taking in taxes. Money paid to the union is our power and privilege. Money to the union results in more money back. It's a good investment. It's a bargain.

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